3 Fruits For Weight Loss Success

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November 7, 2015
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May 8, 2016
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3 Fruits For Weight Loss Success



With the world on sugar alert which include fructose alert (sugar in fruit). Fruits are getting a bad reputation in the weight loss world. We all know fruit contains many nutrients that are beneficial to your health and many of us don’t want to withdraw it from our diets, so what are the best fruits to eat when losing weight?

  1. Strawberries for weight loss success

A cup of strawberries only has 50 calories.  Strawberries satisfy your sugar cravings as well, and they boast a very impressive nutrient profile

  1.  Berries for weight loss success

Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are packed full of nutrients and are lower in sugar than other types of fruit. They are full of nutrients and in low calories, and also help with sugar cravings. The berries help satisfy and also slows down the digestion and absorption of fructose.

  1. Apples for weight loss success

About 100 calories per serving, a decent source of vitamins and are filling for the amount of calories they contain. They are also a convenient snack to take to work.


Try incorporating all 3 fruits into your week, to get the overall benefit and weight loss success.

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