4 Rules That Will Liven Up Your Diet Instantly!

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4 Rules That Will Liven Up Your Diet Instantly!

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Suffering from a case of the diet blah’s?  If so, you aren’t alone. One of the top reasons why many women fall off their healthy eating plan in the first place is because they simply become bored of it.

And, if you’re eating the same four or five meals daily, there’s no question why.  Anyone would become bored if there wasn’t sufficient variety in place to keep you interested.

This is why it’s time to implement a few smart and sneaky rules in your diet that’ll help liven up your fare instantly.

Let’s take a closer look at 4 rules that will liven up your diet instantly.

Try One New Vegetable Weekly

First, make it a rule to try one new vegetable each and every week whenever possible.  This will not only help to improve your overall nutritional intake because each type of vegetable is going to supply a different mix of nutrients, but it’ll also cure diet boredom.

And, you might even find you discover a new vegetable you fall in love with.  If you often turn your nose up at vegetables, you may have just not find the right ones that you enjoy.

Add Fruit To Main Course Meals

Another quick tip not to overlook is adding fruit to main course meals.  Add some peaches into that chicken dish you’re preparing or top your salads with some mandarin orange segments or diced apples.

This adds a sweet taste to those main course dishes and reduces the chances that you add sugar-laden sauces instead.

Plus, fruit is full of antioxidants that will do your body good.

Find A New Recipe Every Sunday

Make it a rule that every Sunday night, you prepare a new healthy recipe you’ve found. There’s no shortage of healthy recipe ideas out there, so there’s no excuse not to be experimenting.

If you do this for a few months straight, you’ll have a cookbook full of healthy and delicious dishes that you look forward to.

Consider A Monthly Potluck

Finally, in addition to trying a new recipe each month, also consider a monthly potluck.  Get a few friends together with the one instruction that everyone brings their latest favorite healthy dish.  Then you can swap recipes at the end and you’ll instantly have a few more that you enjoy.

So don’t let diet boredom get the best of you. Use these four rules and you can strike back and enjoy your healthy eating plan that much more.

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