About us


Why settle for something you don’t love? Chances are you keep jumping on and off the healthy lifestyle treadmill…

Twelfy exists to change that.

Like your Mumma always told you — it’s not where you’re going, it’s how you get there. We couldn’t agree more. We believe your journey should be an extension of your life. Your health should be live music, it should be art, it should epic, it should be fun and bring a smile to your face. Twelfy charts are you, they’re your mobile canvas, and oh yeah, they’ll get you there, too.

Twelfy was founded in 2015 by a couple of friends who were fed up with so many 12 week challenges and no forum to share their journey. With a shared determination and vision, we set out to introduce a community of like-minded people, with stylish and affordable tracking charts and a easy to use community based app where you could get the low down on all of the programs.

Fast forward a year and we’re still doing what we love — putting our passion for health, simplicity and community into our App and charts we create and working day and night at our headquarters to make you fall in love with your community.

Whether you stick it up for all to see, hide it on your door, keep it to yourself or get the whole family one, Twelfy is a vital accessory. At Twelfy, we want to share the blissful experience of sharing your journey that leaves you feeling healthy and happy. Using a Twelfy chart and app, you’re set to achieve.

That’s our story, time for you to create yours.


Our Founders

Sharon Cliffe | Director

Hi! I’m Sharon from Brisbane. My passion is giving you a platform where you are confident to share your journey and stay motivated to reach your lifestyle goal. I hold a Master’s in Business. I have 4 children.
CONFESSION: Wine & Chocolate

Bilynda Robins | Director

Hi! I’m Bilynda from Sydney. My passion is educating the whole family on the importance of daily exercise because and active body produces an active mind. An active mind is important for motivation and success at both work and school.
I hold a Bachelor in Education. I have 3 very active children. My confession is red wine and chocolate.

Our Support Crew

Shannon Clark | Health Guru

Hi! I’m Shannon from Canada. My two greatest passions in life are fitness and writing, so I decided to combine the two and that’s what’s brought me here to you today.
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and am a certified personal trainer. But that’s not all. I have actual experience in the industry, which it what sets my writing apart. I understand what goes on in the mind’s of those seeking health and information and build that into my writing copy. My confession is Ice Cream.

Jillian Babcock | Health Guru

Hi! I’m Jillian from New York. My passions are health and wellness.
I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and yogi. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. My confession is bread, cheese, wine and beer!