No excuses exercise at home

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May 8, 2015
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May 8, 2015
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No excuses exercise at home

No excuses Exercise at home for free 24 hours a day

It’s funny every day I hear people say they don’t have time to exercise and they can’t afford to go to the gym.  If there is anything I have learnt from my own journey, a healthy lifestyle isn’t about spending hours sweating it out exercising and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

So pack up those excuses and follow these tips:-

You don’t need to trudge along a treadmill for an hour, arm yourself with a fitbit and count your daily steps, you will be surprised how many steps you do going back and fourth to the kitchen cleaning up after kids.

Turn your favourite music channel on, plug in your vacuum cleaner and dance that dust away, make sure you get into all those corners too! Once you’re done with the carpet sweep the tiles and then get mopping.

I hate grocery shopping but now it’s my friend. Yep I park the furthest away in the carpark (bonus is that it limits the amount of times idiots open their doors on my car) and walk to the super market. I rack up the steps walking up and down the aisles (especially when I have to retrace to get the things I missed), which is hard work when you are shopping for a very large family.  When you get home with your grocery’s don’t try to be superwoman and carry all the bags in at once, carry 1 or 2 in at a time – steps baby steps!

No one likes cleaning bathrooms, and no one likes tuck shop arms. So next time you are wiping over the shower, bath or mirror put some muscle in to it.

Hanging out the washing with music pumping is fun and you can shake your booty with each peg. For those advanced peggers put your washing basket further away and skip to the clothesline.

When you’re watching the news don’t it on the couch – do some sit ups, pushups and planks, what a great 30 min daily workout.

Try these 2 minute work outs

When you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or that spin cycle on the washing machine do some lunges or squats. Dancing is great cardio so get moving washing up, cleaning windows, wiping the benches or dusting those cobwebs.

So that’s 5 mins here and 10 mins there, who cant fit that in? Being active anywhere, anytime adds up and this was all absolutely FREE. So no more excuses, exercise at home.

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