Punching Through Weight Loss Plateaus

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Punching Through Weight Loss Plateaus


Punching Through Weight Loss Plateaus

You’ve been marking off the weight loss drop every week and then all of a sudden…NOTHING!

You’ve been working out, eating right, following your diet and then nothing. You’ve hit a weight loss plateau. Your body really wants to hang onto the weight and you want it gone. There are a few ways you can overcome your weight loss plateau

  • Water Week. This can include black coffee and all teas. This is a sure way to punch through the barrier. From experience, although can be hard, I’ve experienced the best results. This means no diet soft drinks either. It cleanses the body.
  • Increase the exercise. This can boost your metabolism especially if it includes weight training. As weights help you build lean muscle, which helps burn fat. Add some extra time to your walk/run.
  • Boost Your Protein Intake, replace a meal with a protein shake.
  • This is the week to avoid snacking on high-calorie, fatty, nutrient-deficient foods. Beware when you go shopping. Have a cup of tea instead!
  • Pick The Right Dish. If you’re at a restaurant get the fish and salad. Don’t be tempted by friend’s choices. Do what you need to do.


The main point to be made is don’t give up. Weight plateau’s can be very disheartening but take comfort in that even the best of the best get them. Be patient and tweak your diet a little and you’ll punch through the plateau.

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