Terms and conditions

These Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) constitute a legally binding agreement by and between Twelfy (hereinafter, “Twelfy”) and you (“You” or “Your”) concerning Your use of Twelfy’s website located at http://www.twelfy.com/, Twelfy’s mobile phone applications (the “Applications”), and the Services available through the Website and Applications (collectively known as the the “Services”). By using these Services of Twelfy (“Company”), you hereby expressly agree to be automatically bound by these terms and conditions and privacy policies. These terms shall govern your relationship with the Company, and also your use of the Company’s Services.

With this, we highly encourage that you read and fully understand these terms before you use the Company’s Services. If you do not understand this agreement or do not agree by the terms you may not use these Services

If you disagree in anyway with any of these terms, then you are hereby required by the Company to immediately discontinue your use of the Services, until such time as you can fully agree to all these terms.

You hereby agree that your continued use of the Services shall be equivalent to your acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions and privacy policies, including any amendments which the Company may introduce to these documents. If the Company introduces any amendments, you hereby agree that you shall be automatically bound by such, without the need for the Company to send any prior notification to you. In its sole discretion, the Company may send you a notification through a medium of its own choosing. You agree that the duty of updating yourself of any amendments to these terms and conditions and privacy policies shall be solely yours.

User Registration and Information

When you use the Services, you hereby agree that you will only provide accurate and up to date information. We value the integrity of the site, and only want genuine users to interact and share their information, apart from ensuring that anyone using our site is legally qualified to use our products and . By using these Services, you hereby expressly agree that you are at least 18 years of age, and not legally incapacitated to enter into any transactions, or even to be bound by these terms and conditions and privacy policies.

In no case shall you register and account or use the site in a representative capacity.

For payment purposes, you also hereby agree that the Company may collect from you information which may relate to your credit card, bank details, Paypal, and any other payment method or analogous information which are required for you to be able to transact into an online purchase with the Company.

User Behavior

You hereby acknowledge and agree that you will not use the Services of the Company for any immoral or illegal purposes. Neither shall you violate any of these terms and conditions or privacy policies.

By using the Services of the Company, you hereby expressly agree to refrain from doing any of these prohibited acts:

You expressly agree not to:

  • Offend, bully, or maltreat any other user or member of the site
  • Engage in any act of spamming, contests, pyramiding, or any other schemes
  • Post or spread any content which is customarily considered as illegal, offensive, obscene, or defamatory, or which infringes on the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Stalk or harass other members
  • Upload any files, documents, viruses, or engage in acts of hacking which might harm the site, its Services, or any other functions
  • Use the Services as a lead generation tool in order to create lists, business contacts, or any other purpose without the permission of the Company.
  • Use scripts or software on the site
  • Any other unlawful or immoral acts, or acts which are in violation of these terms and conditions.

License To Use The Services

Shall you agree to all these terms and conditions and privacy policies, and should you intend to use the Services of the Company, the latter hereby gives you a personal, non-exclusive, and limited license to access the Services and its functions, and only for personal purposes. You hereby absolutely agree that you shall not use the Services for any commercial purposes, unless expressly allowed by the Company, or by advertising with the Company.
You agree that you will not recreate, resell, reverse engineer, or make derivative works of these Services.
You hereby acknowledge that the use of the Services will necessarily require an Internet connection, a compatible device, and correct software settings, and updates to the Services where required. Depending on your settings and actual hardware and software setup, the Services may or may not work properly, or may work differently as intended. In all cases, you hereby release the Company from any liability which may arise from any actual or perceived sub par performance of the Services due to improper hardware or settings, or for any reason at all.
At all times, the Company reserves the right to determine who can use its Services and, and to maintain its pool of users, or even determine on which countries and devices its Services will be made available to. The Company advises for you to get the latest version of the Services to enjoy its best features and Services. At all times, you agree that the duty of updating the Services and providing the optimal software and hardware for the Services is solely yours. You hereby agree to hold the Company and the Company’s Services harmless for any liability for any sub par performance of the Services for any reason.

User Content

The Services of the Company will give you a diverse range of capabilities to post, enhance, and promote your online content which may include, but are not limited to your photos, comments, links, files, or any other information. You hereby agree that any content which you may post, whether original, derived or shared with attribtuion, shall be your responsibility, and never the Company’s. You agree that the Company has no duty to moderate your content, whether in private or in public, and that the sole responsibility to monitor your content shall solely be yours. Similarly, you agree that any liability which may arise from your posted content shall solely be yours. You therefore hereby absolutely release the Company for any content you post for issues relating to obscenity, plagiarism, libel, or any other legal issues.

The Company values your original content and ideas, and encourage you to share the same within the Services. If you share your original content with the Services, you shall retain the intellectual property of your content, even though it may be shared to others in the Services, the web, or any other medium.

Since the Services is a sharing site, you hereby give the Services and the Company a worldwide, conveyable, non-exclusive, and any other appurtenant sublicenses thereto, to publish, disseminate, showcase, reproduce, alter, and utilize your Content. You agree that the Company shall have the full right to modify, or even remove your content for any reason, especially if your content violates any law, or these terms and conditions.

If you should decide to terminate your account with us, or should your account be deactivated for any other reason, you hereby agree that the Company may retain your content, including commercial rights and any other rights which may subsist where your content may be evaluated or archived, or retained by the Company for any purpose. Because of the sharing nature of the Services of the Company, you hereby agree that the Services or Company shall not be liable for any content of yours which has already been shared, and that any shared content of yours shall be available continually for publishing, sharing, and for the users of the Company.

If you are sharing content which is not yours, you are hereby expressly required at all times to place attribution or a reference in the proper format for your source material.

Intellectual Property

You hereby agree to respect and not to infringe any of the intellectual property and content of the Company which can be found on the site or elsewhere, or even the intellectual property or the content of third parties. The software and associated Services remain the property of Twelfy. Twelfy is a registered trademark of Twelfy.

All content and other materials available through the Services, including without limitation the Twelfy logo, design, text, graphics, and other files, and the selection, arrangement and organization thereof, are either owned by Twelfy or are the property of Twelfy’s third party providers. Except as explicitly provided, neither Your use of the Services nor this Agreement grant You any right, title or interest in or to any such materials.

Website Information and Warranties

The Services and the Company only provides its Services, or any information which can be found on the Services on an “as is” basis. Hence, the Company provides no warranties or guarantees, whether expressly or implied, regarding the accuracy, veracity, or usefulness of any information on the Services, or even the fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or effectiveness of any of its Services. The Company hereby makes no warranties or guarantees that you will lose weight by using the Services.

Account Termination

The Company hereby reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account without the need of any justification. In particular, the Company will suspend or terminate your account if you used the Services for any illegal or immoral act, or if you violated any of these terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Services Availability

The Company does not guarantee that the Services will be available at all times or accessible 24/7. Services interruptions may occur due to scheduled maintenance, or due to external forces such as viruses, software or hardware failure, hacker attacks, or any other incidents. You hereby expressly release the Company for any liability which may arise from the non-availability of its Services.

Limitation of Liability

You hereby agree that in no case and scenario shall the Company be liable to for your usage of the Services. Should a Court of competent jurisdiction limit this provision in any way, you hereby agree that the maximum liability of the Company to you shall be your actual loss, or $400, whichever is lower.

User Indemnity

If the Company becomes exposed to any liability or danger because of your use of the Services , or because of any of your posted content, you hereby expressly agree to indemnify the Company, and to pay for any related expenses of the Company which may arise shall you expose the Company to any actual or threatened litigation, damages, or any other liability.

Payments and Refund Policy

The Services will allow you to purchase customizable weight charts or any other products from the Services. With this, you hereby expressly agree that any payments made to the Services or the Company, or even the authorized payment gateways installed by the Company on its website, shall be absolutely non-refundable in nature. However, depending on the situation and on the Company’s sole discretion, the latter retains the right to refund the user of any payments made.


From time to time, the Services may feature links or advertisements. The target of these links or advertisements can be third party sites, apps, or products, the terms and operations of which is beyond the control of the Company. Hence, you hereby agree to release the Company and the Services from any liability if you encounter any danger or harm by clicking on any of these links or ads.